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Cosplay Costumes Where You Could Use Faux Leather

Cosplay is a growing trend in the US, even though it has been popular in Asia for a number of years now. As more and more American become fascinated by anime, it seems clear that dressing up like the characters in those shows is just going to continue to catch the eye of many anime enthusiasts. If you are looking for a cosplay costume for your next party, you might be pleased to know that you can make many of them with faux leather. This affordable and versatile fabric can help your costume stand out in the crowd if you use it wisely. Here are some different ideas to get you started.

Princess Soft

There are a ton of different bags in Princess Soft that could be made out of faux leather. Whether you like the long, bulky bags or the cute, over the shoulder red ones, there should be an option for you. Many of the school girl jackets from the show could be made from faux leather, as well as the hoes that the girls wear. Pair any of this with a plaid skirt and knee high socks and yo could be one of the Princess Soft gang. Just choose the colors and patterns that mimic your favorite character from the show and you’re all set to go.

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Fullmetal Alchemist

You can really jazz up the movie costume for Fullmetal Alchemist by making it out of metal. This look has more of a wool appearance to it, so the use of faux leather would make the outfit pp a little bit more in a crowd. It may be best to choose a different fabric for the base of the coat and then come back with dark blue faux leather for the trim pieces. You could also work in a mauve inner leather lining if you wanted to, which would be a subtle accent most people wouldn’t know about. Get a white button up shirt and a green pants/vest combination and you’re in business.

La Corda d’Oro

You could spice up the music girl costume from La Corda d’Oro by making it out of faux leather. The black pleated skirt is almost begging to be transformed into leather, and you could potentially wear that in other situations outside of cosplay. Black leather works well for the office, as well as a night on the town. Talk about a great investment piece! The gray trim on the jacket could also be made of faux leather if you wanted it to, and even the blue bow could be made that way. Faux leather is available in a ton of different colors, which is why it works so well in a costume setting.


That gray school girl uniform for bleach would look great in faux leather. Once again, you could start with a nice pleated skirt that would work even outside the realm of cosplay. You could choose to make the gray jacket with the same material, or you could just use faux leather for the trim there. If you did use the leather for the trim, you would need to make a red bow out of it too for cohesion. After all of that, you just need to wear a wig and a white button up shirt underneath the costume. People will think you are one of the Bleach girls in no time at all.

Eureka Seven

The Eureka Seven uniform can be made almost entirely out of either faux leather or vinyl fabric. It has sheen to it that faux leather could mimic quite nicely. White, light blue and dark blue will form the base of your color pallet, with white being the most dominant color on the costume. You’ll need to get a Eureka Seven patch of course, but even that could be made from a simple black leather circle with a red leather stripe. This is a full piece dress, unlike the others mentioned above which are mostly skirt and top combos. Thus you will need a larger piece of fabric probably. That’s the beauty of using faux leather as opposed to real leather; you can get faux in just about any size you want.

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