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Fashion ideas for Faux Leather

Are you in the mood to jazz up your wardrobe? If so, you might be interested in using faux leather within your next project. Faux leather can be used in many different fashions that are perfectly in style nowadays. There are also some ways to use fau...

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Faux leather upholstery projects

If you are looking for a fun upholstery project, faux leather can provide you with the perfect material to work with. This versatile option comes in an array of colors and can be bought in larger pieces than real leather. The faux alternative is also...

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Pleather Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes with Faux Leather When Halloween rolls around, most people run in a panic to their nearest costume shop to get whatever is left on the shelves. When they can’t find what they’re looking for, those people end up either settling ...

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