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Are you in the mood to jazz up your wardrobe? If so, you might be interested in using faux leather within your next project. Faux leather can be used in many different fashions that are perfectly in style nowadays. There are also some ways to use faux leather that might seem a bit obscure, but they do fit well with the fabric. Here are a few fashion choices for you to consider.


Who doesn’t love having a good biker vest to wear? Rather than making yours out of real leather, take the humane route and construct it out of faux leather. Get a pattern from a local fabric store or print one off online. Then all you have to do is cut the fabric to size and go to town. For the authentic biker look, you may want to add some distressing and tassles to the vest’s design. You could also have your name or an image embroidered on the back of vest to get that Grease design out of it that everyone thinks of with leather. Just make your vest unique to your personality.

Faux leather fabric

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There are a million different styles to choose from, and one thing is certain: leather is always in style. The most well known leather jacket are the motorcycle rider ones, but sleek leather blazers are also very fashionable nowadays. Anything that leather can do, faux leather can do just as well. Thus if you are considering making a leather jacket, you could go with the faux option to save yourself some money. A nice chocolate brown one would be great to wear at the office, and then you could save black for your night out on the town. Women can wear short jackets or ones that accentuate their hourglass shape. It all comes down to the cut at that point.


Leather pants aren’t always the most comfortable things to wear, but if they work for rock stars, they can work for you. The leather pants look certainly isn’t something that you could take to the office, but it could work well for a performance or just a night out on the town. This is not a good idea when it is hot outside, but in cooler weather you might actually be thankful for the leather. To make the pants, you need to be comfortable with a tight feel. This is the most common cut to use. Pair tht with a sexy top and you should be all set.

Halter Tops

It take a bit of guts to pull off a leather hater top, but that doesn’t make it any less doable. Leather is so sexy anyways, and the halter cut can flatter just about any woman’s body. Since there are so many colors of faux leather to choose from, you could literally make just about any top that you wanted. Leather tops pair well with jeans, but they look really great with sexy skirts. Just plan a whole outfit around the leather halter top if you want.


A leather skirt can really put that “meow” in your outfit. Any man would do a double take for a woman in a sexy black leather skirt, even if it is made from faux materials. The skirt would need to be tight, of course, so be prepared to make it hug your body. Luckily, since you are the designer, you get the chance to make the skirt hug all the right places. Short leather skirts are hot, but you can o as far down as your knees if you’d like. Anything beyond that would be an insult to the leather.


While a faux leather hat may be difficult to make when compared o the other options above, it can be a real show stopper under the right circumstances. Leather berets, for instance, are really stylish to wear, as are some leather cowboy hats. You can use the faux leather just about anywhere though, perhaps just as a trim or ill. That gives you a chance to break things up and make the hat more complex.


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