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Halloween Costumes with Faux Leather

When Halloween rolls around, most people run in a panic to their nearest costume shop to get whatever is left on the shelves. When they can’t find what they’re looking for, those people end up either settling for the bunny costume that remains or don’t dress u at all and give a lame name to what they’re supposed to be. “I was going for that relaxed, college kid look.” Rather than being one of the last minute costume shop rummagers, why not make a costume this Halloween? There are a ton of different options out there if you’re a fan of faux leather, and many of them aren’t hard to make at all. Below are some ideas to get your mind rolling in the right direction.

Nurse’s Outfit

Yes, nurses normally don’t wear leather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a nurse uniform out of it. This will bring a new level of sex appeal to an already sexy costume, and it can help you stand out from other nurses hat might be running round. Since faux leather is available in a ton of different colors, you can make your uniform out of any shade you want. You can get patterns for this Halloween costume easily online, and then just tailor fit the leather to hug your curves the way you want it to. Make it low cut or really shirt if you’re going to an adult party, to keep it innocent for the kids. It’s up to you.

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Rock Star

No rock star runs around without some sort of leather on. You can pick your favorite band member and try to dress like him or her, or you could just make a generic rock star look with the leather. Use the faux leather to make pants, vests, jackets, or belts, and then you can pair it with some vinyl for the top. Make sure to add stud and a crazy wig to finish everything off, and if you’re going for the KISS look, remember to wear the face paint.


Cowboys have leather all over them, and you can make a great cowboy outfit with very little need for creativity. A flannel shirt and a pair of tight jeans will work well for the base, and then you can make some black or brown leather chaps to go on top of that. This might also work well for a stripper look, but that’s for another article at another time. You can top everything off with some leather boots and a cowboy hat and then you’re all set to giddy up this Halloween.


If you aren’t a biker, you can try to look like one for Halloween. Obviously if you do like to ride and have leather pieces to support that, you won’t be doing much dressing up for Halloween. If, however, you’re an average SUV driver like most of us out there, a cool biker costume could be just what you need this costume season. Faux leather vests, pants, and jackets are all popular in the biker world, and you can make yours look as extreme as you want it to. Put patches on it and throw your name on the back, or just leave it looking sleek. Tie off the look with a bandana and you’ll have everyone at your Halloween party fooled.


The pirate look is hot nowadays ever since the release of Johnny Depp’s movies. Everyone wants that Jack Sparrow look, even if they don’t want to look like that character per se. You can use faux leather for your pirate look by making your pants, eye patch, or belt out of it. While this may not be the first thing most people equate with pirates, the material can work just fine.


Female super hero outfits look great when they are made out of leather, especially when you’re trying to look like Catwoman. A sexy faux leather catsuit can give you the look that really turns heads this October. For the men, it may be a bit more difficult to get the right look out of leather, but no one said that batman couldn’t have worn a leather costume. Just think outside the box and you should be able to come up with a great look.

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