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If you are looking for a fun upholstery project, faux leather can provide you with the perfect material to work with. This versatile option comes in an array of colors and can be bought in larger pieces than real leather. The faux alternative is also more affordable, and it offers a more human approach to leather as a whole. If you think that it will work well for your tastes, consider some of the upholstery projects below.

Couches, Recliners and Sectionals

Leather living room furniture has become quite the talk of the interior design world, so using faux leather as the upholstery for any of these would be wise to do. Black and dark brown are the two most common colors for living room furniture, but that does not mean you couldn’t think outside the box. One really great look for couches, recliners and the like is airing brown faux leather with tan suede. The two fabrics look like they we just meant to be together, and the look is neutral enough for any home out there.

Faux leather upholstery fabric

MJTrends faux leather upholstery fabrics

Car Seating

If you need some new upholstery done in your car, don’t hesitate to turn to faux leather as the material of choice.  Like normal leather, it will get hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but it can be a more luxurious option than most other fabrics. Black and light gray are the two most common color choices here, though red and blue accents do show up in many cars on the market. Their appearance on the inside is subtle but noticeable. If you can’t re-upholster the seating yourself, you could always buy the material you want to and just pay someone else to do the actual upholstering.

Bar Stools

Nothing works better for a padded top on a bar stool than faux leather. What color you choose for this project will greatly depend on the style of your stool. Shiny metals work well with black or red, but wood may look better with a shade of brown. It’s really up to you and your décor. Upholstering a stool top is quite simple to do and is highly recommended for anyone who is just starting to upholster. All it takes is a staple gun and some stretching to make a great look for a kitchen or restaurant.


A leather headboard can certainly add drama to any bedroom . Designers love the look of leather on a headboard because it’s modern and elegant at the same time. Leather headboards are also very versatile and you can pair just about any type of bedding with them. You can make a leather headboard by just taking a piece of plywood or MDF and wrapping it in batting and leather. Staple the faux leather and the batting down in the back and then screw, nail or glue that piece to an existing headboard. For a very small investment, you could really change the look of your room.


Leather ottomans are found in homes more and more now because they can act as coffee tables, benches, and storage compartments all at the same time. You can make just the top out of leather or you can make the entire ottoman from leather. Again, blacks and browns will be your best bet for color choices, simply because they pair well with other design elements of the room. You can chance the woods, paint, and other furniture in the room and still use the same ottoman, provided that you went with a neutral color. Boldness will limit your opportunities, which thereby limits the use of your investment.

Matte vinyl upholstery fabric

Matte vinyl upholstery fabrics: MJTrends.com


Most people don’t consider fabric as a way to may art, but you can make a great impact in a room with some padded leather panels. You can mix and match many different pieces of faux leather in a unique pattern, or you could just make a bold statement with one solid color. One fun idea may be to wrap a frame in faux leather and use it around an existing piece that you have. Otherwise you can turn the leather into a canvas and paint on it if you want. The choices are endless for the creative at heart.


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