Faux leather and matte vinyl information

lady gaga vinyl outfitSince leather is in this season, who better to turn to for fashion advice than the celebrities that we see in the media every day.  Celebrities are our fashion icons, and are always wearing the newest fashions in their wardrobes for both events and every day wear.  Some of the most powerful celebrities of today are filling their closest with not only leather, but faux leather.

Lady gaga in leather outfit.In times like these, one cannot waste money on things like leather goods, and for Celebrities that means setting an example that fans can follow.  Not to mention that the fashion and entertainment industry is moving into a more eco-friendly way of going about business, therefore, vinyl is something that fits this new way of thinking well.

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest celebrities today, and is known for her statement making leather and vinyl outfits almost as much as she is known for her music.  Lady Gaga’s outfits from day wear to stage wear are futuristic, daring, and attention grabbing.  Her bathing suit-styled vinyl suits are everywhere in her wardrobe, and can be worn by anyone brave enough to step out in them.

These salacious PVC suits can be worn with pants for those less brave to bare nearly all for the sake of fashion.  Even sexier are Lady Gaga’s all patent vinyl bodysuits complete with some over the top high heels.  This sexy bodysuit can be seen in various engagements that the Ms. Gaga attends, as well as in her fashion and publicity photos.

Lady Gaga’s style has also influenced another daring artist to incorporate more vinyl fabrics into her wardrobe, and this sexy starlet is Rihanna.  Rihanna’s style has always been daring, revealing, and attention grabbing.  Her sexy style is more of a rocker style which complements nicely with faux leather fabrics.

rihanna celebrity leather outfit.Rihanna can be seen wearing vinyl and lace babydoll style dresses with a studded bust paired with thigh high faux leather laced boots.   A more conventional look that Rihanna is famous for is her continual use of faux leather leggings, generally black patent vinyl leggings paired with cute blouses and blazers giving an edgy look to seemingly simple outfits.

With this season’s trend of the fashionable leather-look, there are more and more celebrities incorporating vinyl looks into their everyday wardrobe, and like Rihanna, these looks largely comprise of faux leather leggings in all colors and styles.  Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Taylor Momsen and a number of all sorts of celebrities have greatly embraced  this ever growing trend.

This Fall season, take a leap into a style that is all the edgier and all the sexier.  Sorry men, the leather-look is not a part of the Fall 2010 male trending, however, for men who want to join in on the trends of this 2010 Fall season along with the women, the best options would be vinyl pants, vests, and jackets modeled after another male Fall 2010 trend, the military.

Vinyl is the new “it” fabric that allows a sexy versatility that leather just cannot compare to.  We see celebrities using PVC in shirts, pants, boots, jackets, and even in accessories everywhere which are not easily matched by similar leather items.  Leather itself has so many rules that need to be followed regarding the proper care to insure longevity, vinyl on the other hand is able to be used and abused.

Celebrities know when something is good, and a high quality vinyl piece is not going to let its wearer down.  Another wonderful appeal of vinyl is that the fabric can be made to look just like its leather counterpart making homemade vinyl goods all the more fashionable.


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