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Faux leather fabric for nun outfit.Halloween has always been a time to not only follow our inner fantasies, but to also be able to poke a little fun at the institutions around us through statement making costumes.  Some of these statement making costumes entail sex, political figures, and even religious figures.  Religious inspired costumes range from the very modest realistic adaptations to the over-the-top.

Some of the most popular religious Halloween costumes are those of priests, nuns, and really all that goes along with the Catholic Church, because the Catholic Church has been such a long standing institution in the world with various controversies that people want to humanize the reality of the Church.  However, there are many other religious figures that individuals enjoy immolating on Halloween.

Some of the best Halloween costumes are those that make a statement, and what better way to make a statement than to incorporate faux leather fabrics into these religiously inspired Halloween costumes.  This fusion of old tradition with new modern staples is the perfect example of what these types of Halloween costumes attempt to do to those who see it.

Vinyl fabric for devil costume.Some of the most popular male religiously inspired men’s Halloween costumes are those of the priest and the devil.  There are many different variations of Halloween costumes that one can pick from displaying these figures in various clothing, colors, and designs.  In general, the priest Halloween costume is nothing more than a cloak and white collar with a cross necklace.

However, when there is shiny vinyl (a form of faux leather) involved the costumes will standout a lot more and need more attention to detail.  One great priestly vinyl Halloween costume idea is to have a patent vinyl trench coat/cloak with a large white cross on the back, white collar, and white cuff links.  Pair this look with some patent faux leather pants, and you have a completely revamped priest look.

Another route one could go with the priests is to get a bishop costume that, much like the vinyl priest costume, is complete with a black vinyl trench coat.  However, a bishop has more color accents such as purple, therefore, it is easy to just add a scarf and cap with some simple Halloween costume fabrics.

Faux leather fabric for trench coat.One the flip side there is the devil and all the costume glory that the devil’s character allows.  You can either have an all black vinyl trench coat with matching shirt and pants, and only a pair of red devil horns to tell this costume apart from others.  Or, you could always go the daring route with a full fire red devil’s bodysuit complete with horns, a tail, and a pitchfork.

Christian idols are not the only religious costume ideas out there; there are other costumes such as those of the Nordic Tradition, like that of Thor.  Thor is a God of the Nordic tradition that carries around his infamous “Hammer of Thor”.  To complete this look simply get a black vinyl chest plate like those of roman costumes, a pair of black vinyl pants, and a red PVC cape.  Oh and do not forget the “Hammer”!

Another great religious vinyl Halloween costume idea is that of the PVC Buddha.  Your PVC Buddha costume could look like a giant golden Buddha statue made out of golden metallic PVC Halloween costume fabric; your friends will hardly be able to recognize you.

Women can also join in on the religious fun by putting together some sexy and hot vinyl Halloween costumes.  The most popular of these religious women’s costumes is the naughty nun.  One great naught nun look is that of the naughty Mother Superior patent vinyl Halloween costume.  This particular naughty Mother Superior costume is a full length black patent vinyl dress with a high front slit complete with the head garb, and a whipping stick.

This naughty nun costume may not be as revealing as others might be, but it is instead powerful and domineering which many find very sexy.  Another great religious women’s Halloween costume is that of the she-devil.  Capture this look with a sexy short patent faux leather dress that is the devil’s red.  Complete the look with some sensational knee-high red vinyl boots, and some she-devil horns.

No matter what your religious orientation, religiously inspired Halloween costumes can be a blast to create and to shop for.  Whether you are making a serious statement or just trying to have fun, those Halloween costumes of vinyl fabrics and materials are sure to call attention.


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