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An outfit is never complete without an accessory or two. By adding a bracelet, necklace, earrings, or other accessory, your outfit will look put together and styled. Luckily for you, it will not take a lot of money to add some expensive-looking faux leather accessories to your wardrobe.

If you make your own accessories, you can save money and create your own pieces that you love. Pinterest has become a great source for finding ideas for decorating your home, finding clothing that you like, and recipes that you want to use. Now, you can search on Pinterest for do-it-yourself accessory projects. There are a lot of options out there.

One option for creating your own accessories is to make faux leather jewelry. A leather accessory can give an outfit that might otherwise be a simple, cute outfit a little bit of an edge. Using faux leather is also very cost-efficient: although these accessories may trick your friends into thinking that they are expensive, they are anything but.

Leather Bracelet from a Belt:

The simplest and least expensive way to create a faux leather accessory is from an old leather belt that you do not use anymore. If a belt is worn out on the ends, the middle is still going to be useful. And if you do not have a belt that you are willing to cut up, you can always search for a cheap belt at a Goodwill store or in a thrift store to make the purchase have less of an impact on your wallet than buying a brand-new leather bracelet would have.

The steps for making a bracelet are pretty simple:

1. Cut the belt to a comfortable size to fit your wrist.
2. Make holes at the end for the snaps.
3. Put the snaps in place.
4. You’re done!

It is as simple as that and you have a new piece of eye-catching jewelry out of an old belt.

Leather Hair Accessories:

To jazz up your hair style for any event, a leather headband or decorative bobby pin can really draw the eye. These are fun to make, too, but they may take a little longer than making the bracelets. One idea you could use is to create leather flowers to attach to a headband or bobby pin. The flowers are typically seen as sweet and cute, so making them in leather helps you to strike the delicate balance between edgy and girly.

The steps are straightforward:

1. Practice cutting out the flower shape you want out of paper.
2. Then, cut it out in the leather.
3. Glue the flower petals together.
4. Glue the completed flower to the bobby pin.

It is not terribly time-consuming and now, you have another accessory to add to your hair ties and headbands.

There are countless ideas out there for you to find. Once you follow a couple of other people’s ideas for making your own accessories, you can branch out and make your own patterns and instructions. Do-it-yourself projects save you money and give you a new hobby.


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