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Pinterest is a great source for many home improvement ideas or home projects. There are hints for picking the right paint color for a room, along with ways to turn old objects in to something brilliant and new. Creating a faux leather drum shade chandelier is just another one of those projects that can be found on Pinterest that may inspire many users to turn an ugly, old chandelier in to something that they would be proud to hang in their home.

The project starts with an old chandelier. There are a few ways to find one:

A) It is already in your home. Maybe it is not that bad, but it has a few things you just do not like about it. This project will turn it in to something entirely new.
B) Look for one at rummage sales. Chances are that someone will be getting rid of one that will be perfect for this DIY project.
C) A final way to find an old chandelier is to go to a Goodwill store or thrift store. A chandelier from one of these stores may cost you a little more, but if you want to do this fun project and you have no other chandelier to work with, it is your next best bet.

Once you have located your old chandelier, you will need to dismantle the parts and make sure that it is clean. After that is done, you get to paint it! Before you dive in with your paint brush, you need to tape all the sockets and any tops that have wires that are exposed.

While you can get creative and paint your chandelier any color you wish, bronze spray paint is a popular choice. Some tips for spray painting:

• Hold the bottle about a foot away from the area you are spraying so you get a light mist of paint and no drips.
• Spray thin coats. Thick coats tend to run and also take longer to dry.
• Use about three coats to get the best color.

The next step is to make a skeleton of the drum shade. This is probably the most difficult part. The best way is to weld it, but there may be other ways to do it without going to a welder. The key thing to remember when making the drum shade is that the shade needs to be far enough away from the heat of the light bulbs to avoid any kind of fire hazard.

You can create the drum shade skeleton by using a six-inch wire mesh sheet. Home Depot or any other hardware store will sell these for a relatively inexpensive price. To make sure your drum shade is shaped properly, you can mold the wire mesh around that spare tire you keep in the trunk of your car. The next step is to weld the ends together.

Once that is completed, the skeleton gets covered with a white sheet or any fabric you want. The best way to attach the sheet is to use hot glue. After that, it is time to add the faux leather.

You will need one and a half yards of faux leather fabric and something round to track with. The object could be the bottomof a glass or the inside circle of a roll of masking tape. Trace the round object on to your faux leather; a 24X12 inch shade uses almost 200 circles.

The next step allows a little more creativity: Paint the circles with craft store paint. The possibilities are endless here.  Some ideas:

• Paint them all one color.
• Paint them different colors.
• Add patterns to some of the circles.
• Add texture by painting the circle, quickly folding them in half, then half again. Hold it folded for a couple seconds and then unwrap.

When the circles are dry, use a hot glue gun to add them to the drum shade in rows. The first and last rows need to have their circles hanging off the edge. Those get trimmed at the end. The finally step is to put back together your chandelier. Use a thin wire and washer to attach the drum shade to the chandelier. Voila! Expensive-looking lighting for your home at a bargain-basement price.


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