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Some people are savvier than others when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. A practical skill to have, it utilizes recycling, saves money, and is a personal accomplishment. Faux leather is one of those materials that can be used from anything to making a headboard to creating a fashion accessory. Here, I will give some ideas and examples of DIY ideas.

Let’s start with the latter; fashion accessories. One of the neater things seen is cuffs made from old belts. If one can re-use a material to make something else, why not? It already has a design, so all that is needed is the fastener for the future cuffs. They are worn around the wrists and come in a variety of sizes.

Everyone from rock gods to the modern fashionista wears them, and they have appeared more frequently in the recent year or so. Usually, the fasteners are metal or plastic snap-ons, also known as press snap buttons. Notably, there are many kinds of fasteners available for purchase, including kits. Be sure to have room on the cuff for the number and size of the buttons.

After a belt is picked, cut out the appropriate size to the wrist it will be worn around. A matching set could also be made, given enough material. After the measurements are cut comes the hole-punching part. Some people use a hole-punch tool or even a hammer. Attach the snaps, and done!

Cuffs and/or bracelets should be relatively cheap and easy to make, even if the material is not within arm’s length. There are styles where the leather is braided, chain-shaped, or knotted. Faux leather is thinner than real leather, so its shapes are flexible without being flimsy.

Speaking of cuffs, ankle cuffs are another faux leather possibility. Ankle cuffs are added to low level or ankle level boots/shoes. Measure how much fabric will be needed by wrapping something around the boot and folding it down, as if in half. That’s really the only thing that needs to be planned ahead, besides figuring out if something like a zipper or button needs to be added. Sewing the cuff together is an option, but the leather, then, should not be tight around the shoe. Otherwise, it cannot come on or off without being damaged.

Faux leather ankle cuffs

This style is ideal for cooler weather or as a protector for the footwear itself. Knee high boots can also be made using the same plan. Both give off the illusion that the shoes are higher or a different pair altogether. Instead of spending money on a completely new pair of shoes, just add on. No one has to know…



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