Faux leather and matte vinyl information

There are a lot of ‘How-to’ YouTube videos out there. Some of these videos are self explanatory and others can be just plain weird. PhillyDiva1954 creates one of the best kinds of ‘How-to’ videos you can find on YouTube, positioning her as the Martha Stewart of edgy, cool D.I.Y. projects.

She combines a little personality with some good instructions to make the video easy and fun to watch. Although some of the videos where people show you how to do something can get boring, especially if there is more to do than there is to say, her personality makes the little videos entertaining throughout. PhillyDiva19154’s videos also have good instructions; anyone can follow them easily.

Another strength of her videos is that she uses materials that most people are going to have. If they don’t, she provides a variety of inexpensive ways to get them.

In her video, “D.I.Y. ‘Inspired’ Faux Leather Bow Ties”, PhillyDiva19154 starts out by giving a little background on how she got in to the project. Her inspiration came from the bowtie of one of the contestants on Project Runway. PhillyDiva19154 goes on to state that menswear is becoming a trend for women to wear, telling her viewers about how she wants to follow the trend without spending all the money. Because trends change quickly, she wanted to have the bowties to wear while they were “in” and not feel like they were a waste of money once the trend is over.

PhillyDiva19154 does a good job of transitioning from a little background information to what the viewer will need to make her own bowtie. The only problem with the instruction is not giving a measurement for the amount of fabric needed to create the faux leather bowtie. While this is not rocket science, a beginner may need a little more instruction to feel comfortable getting started. Not knowing the measurements for the faux leather fabric is not a big deal because it just means the bowtie will be bigger or smaller.

The rest of the instruction is easy-to-follow. One of the best parts of PhillyDiva19154’s instructional style is that she shows viewers how to do things a couple of times, using a different angle each time, making it easy to try to recreate her projects at home. All in all, the video was one of the better instructional videos that can be found on YouTube. She will, undoubtedly, get her viewers excited about the menswear trend and have them channeling their inner Annie Hall in no time.



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