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Advantages of Faux Leather Versus Real

Modern day fashionistas know how great leather can make them look. The fact is that leather has a sex appeal that no other fabric can compare to, and it can truly be timeless if it is used in the right way. The big debate nowadays is about real leather versus faux leather. Is faux just a bad knockoff of the real deal? Let’s find out. Below are some positive reasons to use faux leather in your projects or clothing.

It’s More Affordable

There is no question that faux leather is more affordable than its authentic counterpart. With the economy being the way it is right now, money is everything. When real leather isn’t a monetary option, faux leather can provide quite an adequate substitute. It looks just real, but it comes at a fraction of the cost. With the money that you save, you can create many more leather ensembles or upholstered works because the base fabric is not as hard on your wallet.

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It’s More Environmental

Since faux leather does not come from an animal, it is a better option for nature lovers. If you are worried about wearing fur, chances are you have an issue with leather or snakeskin as well. That’s where faux fabrics really come into play. Faux fabrics are entirely made in a factory. No animals are harmed or used during the production, and this also appeals to the environmentalist out there. You can get the sleek look without having to sacrifice an animal along the way.

It’s Better for Big Projects

Your leather options only span as wide as the animal the leather came off of. Thus if you need a large roll of leather, faux is the only way to go. You can get one continuous piece to use for big upholstery projects, and you can be sure that it will all look the same. Real leather works well for smaller projects, but faux is ideal when you have massive projects to tackle.

It’s Consistent in Color

Since faux leather is actually made from a machine, it looks the same throughout the roll. Real leather is great for making unique pieces, but if you want true cohesion, nothing will beat what the steady beat of a machine can produce. This is great for project when you need a lot of identical costumes, chairs, hats, etc. The look will be the same for every character or fixture under the faux category.

It’s More Versatile

There are far more color opportunities for faux leather when compared to real leather. That is because faux leather can be made to look like whatever the creators ant it to. Red, blue, pink, purple, and much more can all be possible when the material is manmade. Funky colors, shapes and patterns are all prevalent in the faux world, even though classic blacks and browns still end up being the top sellers in the end.

It’s Easier to Use

For swing projects, the faux alternative is much easier to work with. It isn’t hard to cut or sew with, and the consistent look makes it great for redo’s. Holes for needled are far less noticeable in faux leather, and threat can blend in well also. Faux leather works well with just about any pattern, from vests to chaps.

It’s Not Limited

You have an unlimited amount of faux leather available to you because it is manmade. If you need a bulk order or have to get a new set of faux leather in the future, you won’t have any troubles at all in tracking it down. Faux leather may be the new cotton in time because it can be developed on a dime. Any of your last minute project needs can be covered with this fabric at hand.

It’s Just Like Real Leather!

The realistic nature of quality faux leather has to be the quintessential reason why most people use it. Real leather is practical, yes, but it is not always a logical option. A lot of people can’t even tell the difference between faux leather and real leather, so only you have to know your secret.