Faux leather and matte vinyl information

How Faux Leather Is Made
Faux leather is a great substitute for the real thing that only recently has begun to take a true leather-like form. It is a composite material that provides an affordable and humane substitute to real leather. It looks and feels authentic in many ways, but it is completely man-made. There are many benefits to this (which will be covered later), but for now, let’s focus on different ways faux leather is made.

Pleather is a term for plastic leather, or leather made from plastic materials. While this may not seem pleasant, it is constructed in a way that at least looks real, even if it lacks some of the feel. Pleather has gotten a bad reputation for being the cheap man’s leather, but it is actually a wise choice in fabrics. Plastic will not decompose like other materials, so anything you might make from pleather will last longer than if it were mad with the real thing.

Leatherette is a form of faux leather that is made from a layer of fabric coated in a soft PVC outer layer. The PVC coating gives the leatherette its sheen and durability, and the fabric has a leather like flexibility. This composite material does not fade easily like real leather, and it is also less likely to crack. It does lack breathability about it, making leatherette somewhat sweaty at times. That’s just a sacrifice some people like to make.

Imitation leather fabric

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Poromeric Imitation Leather
Poromeric imitation leather is made sort of like leatherette with a material base coated in plastic. The material in this case is usually polyester, and the coating is usually polyurethane. Unlike leatherette, this form of faux leather is breathable and can still be cleaned very easily with just a cloth. It is used in a lot of clothing items because of this breathability, and it is quite realistic looking.

Most faux leather is made of a fabric lined in plastic so that it is durable, flexible and soft to the touch, just like real leather. You can find these faux options in a number of colors, shapes and sizes, and you can incorporate them however you would like. Faux leather never requires the use of animal products because it is entirely manmade. It’s a great option to us in just about any situation.

Benefits of Faux Leather
How faux leather is made means nothing at all if you don’t want to use it, right? Perhaps it’s time to consider some of the many benefits to using faux leather over real leather. The first and likely most important advantage is the low cost. The price is significantly lower than the real deal because the supply is more plentiful. Why spend money for actual leather when you could have almost the same thing for fractions of the price?

Since it is manmade, it is also much more humane than real leather. With most people in the world making some attempt to go green and better the environment; it only makes sense to use a fabric that will not require animal interaction. Faux leather is ideal for animal lovers and savvy shoppers alike, giving everyone a reason to use it in their own projects.

Faux leather can be purchased in large sheets because it is made by machines. Thus you can buy larger quantities and with consistent quality. This makes faux leather ideal for big projects when a lot of the same fabric is required. It also gives you the option to buy in bulk, thus saving even more money.

Where You Can Find Faux Leather
If you want to buy some faux leather, you can just go to a local fabric store if you so desire. The problem with that is you may have a limited selection of fabrics, and you may have to pay a raised price for the convenience. A better option would be to make your purchases online. You can compare different fabrics to get the best price, and you should be able to save a lot of money in the long run.  MJTrends.com offers swatches as well as a friendly staff to assist with any questions.